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Who Are We

Maths Punter is made up of a team of staff who are dedicated and passionate about sports and the punting world.  We have mathematicians who build the sport betting models from the raw data to a final product.  Sports staff are involved in the selection of the factors that are implemented in the models.  Administration staff assist in the daily running of the servers and customer support.



Our staff have had many years experience in providing sports models and started with various Tennis models going back to 2005. Our success has led us to become market leaders in providing serious mathematical models for Sport betting.

Our experience goes beyond sports models and into the world of financial markets where we have built models for various financial markets such as the Forex market. Our experience in wealth management and risk analysis has help bring this technology into the Sport betting markets.


The Future

Maths Punter is in the business of providing models for money markets and are striving towards building new models for other sporting markets. Our goal is to have a number of sporting markets available for sports punters. These markets will include European Soccer, National Football League, National Basketball Association etc.

Maths Punter also invests into these sports markets using our models. So there is a long term goal that we get our models right. We also feel the ups and downs of these markets and understand the issues confronting the average sports punter of today.

ATP Tennis (YTD)

(Yield -0.1%) (Profit $-73)
(# bets 561) (Strike 51%)

WTA Tennis (YTD)

(Yield 6.1%) (Profit $5127)
(# bets 752) (Strike 45%)

Soccer (YTD)

(Yield -2.1%) (Profit $-1325)
(# bets 1179) (Strike 32%)

Latest News

More news on the soccer model progress.

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